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confused-timesIn a competitive market like that for data recovery services, it is definitely hard to figure out exactly where to get affordable data recovery. However, if you are keen and meticulous in your research, you will definitely find the company with the best, most affordable price. Hit the web and you’re bound to find a lot of good players in the market. With just a few clicks and researching skills, you can identify the best among them. But you have to avoid scams and other fraudulent activities that are there in order to secure your money. Keep in mind that the internet market can be convenient and less costly but it is often a venue for fake sellers.

As much as possible, you have to know the credibility of the company selling its services. It should provide a money back guarantee or other terms that can ensure a return on your investment. Do not be lured in by affordable offers right away. Sometimes you get what you pay for so it is advised to shop around.

Data Recovery Costs Differ By Company, Device

Data recovery service costs are not the same at all companies. Different companies have different offers and pricing. In fact, some of them add features that other companies cannot provide. Because of this, some data recovery companies have costs that are higher among others. It is rarely an apples-to-apples comparison. Also, remember that pricing for recovering a simple hard drive will be different than that of a RAID server (as noted here). Always remember that you do not always get what you want when it comes to prices. If you are paying an extremely low price, there is always a possibility that the benefits you get are also minimal. This is why it is important that you consider several factors first before you choose a vendor.

If you have to go the data recovery software (more…)


A major new marketing battle is taking shape in the telecommunications world, as two once-separate areas – voice and data – converge, putting traditional voice network vendors face-to-face with the relatively new data players.

While the eventual winner in the converging datacom marketplace may be decided on the basis of product, players are putting their bets on branding and customer focus in what represents a significant cultural shift for companies once focused solely on product specs.

On the data side, the Big Three players – Cisco Systems, San Jose, Calif.; Bay Networks, Toronto; and 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. – are striving to position themselves as innovative data pioneers that also happen to be unfailingly dependable. This is a critical point in the highly sensitive telecom area, which prides itself on its 24×7 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – dependability.

On the traditional voice network equipment side, vendors such as Murray Hill, N.J.-based Lucent Technologies and Toronto-based Northern Telecom are fighting for a piece of the wildly growing data action by pushing their